Where to stay in Lombok?

Lombok, one of the most enchanting places in all of Indonesia, is a paradisiacal tropical island located just east of Bali. With a great many numbers of tourist attractions, it’s a relatively large island. It offers many accommodation options for visitors and tourists coming from all over the world.  Whether you are looking in southern Kuta, in the capital Mataram or in the northern region, there are almost endless possibilities.


The accommodations include hotels, restaurants, hostels, and homestays. Catching on from its sister island Bali, there is also the option of luxury villas. The touch of elegance and splendour that will leave you amazed. These accommodations are available in all price ranges. Kuta Lombok located in the south is popular with surfers and ecotravellers seeking the more serene, traditional village environment. Southern Kuta Lombok is also the place where you would go to enjoy the serene dreamy beaches and surf. The northern region of the island also offers a host of opportunities for accommodation.


It's particularly desirable for people who are planning hiking tours of the second highest volcano mountain in Indonesia, the Mount Rinjani and the crater lake that lies adjacent to it. Compared with Bali the crowds are much smaller in Lombok island, for this area is still quite underdeveloped as opposed to that of mainland Bali. There are traditional villages and the unique culture of Lombok can be seen in abundance. Still, there are a lot of hotels, restaurants and hostels that are quite modern and fulfil all the necessary requirements.


One of the most popular areas in Lombok is the Kuta in the south, the people visiting Lombok for the first time and many others who are visiting again prefer to stay in Kuta. It is irresistible for its idyllic charm. It gives the laid back, chilled out vibes which many are looking for. Kuta is where the sand is white and the waters are clear. The beaches are the main attraction of the Kuta and the main activities are enjoying the beach, some of the best waves you’ll find in Indonesia and the breathtaking sunset views.  However, beaches are by no means the only attraction of the area.


A huge tourist attraction is the absolutely stunning landscapes. The rolling hills and rugged cliffs at the edge of the ocean offer a marvellous view that can be gazed upon for hours. The crystal clear turquoise waters of the ocean are extraordinary.

Some of the accommodation options in Kuta are

-The homestays

These are the cheapest accommodation options available on the island. Having all the basic facilities it offers a certain charm of its own.

-Luxury villas

 The luxury villas in Lombok Kuta are absolutely charming and picturesque. Most of them have indoor emerald pools and impeccable layouts. Choosing the best accommodation suited to your requirements can make your visit all the more enjoyable.

The budget hotels and the mid-range hotels

are available for those who are looking for comfort and service at affordable prices.

-The hostels in Lombok

If you are travelling alone or even in small groups, many of the hostels provide all the basic facilities and at very affordable prices as well.