Lombok scooter rental


Rent your scooter and see Lombok the way you wish to see it. You could travel through all the hidden and beautiful streets that would usually stay unseen. We offer you bicyles and scooters to rent in Lombok starting from 6 $ per day for short and long time renters. You can now save your time and cash by avoiding the expense of public transportartion. Come by wether you are a local, a tourist or an expat. Renting a scooter in Lombok for sure is one of the cheapest forms to get around and offers the opportunity to travel throughout Lombok and its villages.

Scooter Rental Lombok
Honda Click

95.000 Rp for 24h

Scooter Rental Lombok
Honda Scoopy

80.000 Rp for 24h

Scooter Rental Lombok
Honda CRF

200.000 Rp for 24h

Scooter and Dirtbike Rental in Kuta Lombok

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Rent a Scooter in Lombok

Rent Your Scooter or Dirtbike in Kuta Lombok

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Rent a Scooter in Lombok in Indonesia




Indonesia's infrastructure is going through massive upgrades and is highly developed at the moment, and is getting better with each passing day. Thus, riding on the roads of Indonesia is great, but the roads to the remote beaches  are quite rough as there are no modern streets in these places.




Renting a scooter or a motorbike is the best way to travel throughLombok. You will have a smooth and wonderful experience on a bike. Get around on a scooter, in this beautiful place to explore it, at its best. But there are some things that you need to take care of before you rent a scooter.




First, it is crucial that you rent a scooter from a reputable and well-known company. It is best that you see the variety that the company is offering. Make sure that they are providing you with a variety of high-quality vehicles. Secondly, horn a lot whenever you need to notify someone of your arrival. It is important. All the bikers in Indonesia believe in horning liberally to inform the rider ahead of them.




Being a tourist makes you prone to risk, as well. Thus, the best way to control the chances of scam while renting a scooter is to make your purchase through a reputable company. You will not only get a top-notch scooter, but you will also be safe from scams, enjoying excellent services.


Rent a scooter to travel quickly and cheaply in Lombok!


 Lombok is pure pulsating life! With the scooters of the Lombok rental service, you can experience the beautiful corners of Lombok quickly and without parking problems. Our scooter rental offers innovative scooters for your jam-free trip through Lombok.


City tour Lombok by scooter


 Experience the river and the city up close! With rental scooters from Big Bike, every city tour on the part of Lombok becomes a brisk and stress-free event. With our bikes, scooters, mopeds and motors you have no worries concerning storage or parking!



Rental of scooters for short and long periods


 A wide selection of scooters is available for everyone at the Big Bike scooter rental. You get new and high quality scooters.


Scooter rental with security


 As a scooter rental company, we look after your protection. If you have a scooter, get us on.


Inexpensive scooter rental in Lombok


 Rent your scooter in Lombok, starting from 5 euros per day. For longer rentals of scooters we will be happy to adjust the prices.