Is it safe to drive a car or motorbike around Lombok

The picturesque island of Lombok is located just east of the famous Bali island. Lombok island is referred to as unspoiled Bali, for it is not as populated by tourists as its sister island Bali is. Lombok is known for its dreamy beaches completed with palm trees and amazing sunset views, great surfing waves for surfers, raw nature in abundance, mountain hikes, lakes and waterfalls

Is it Safe?

Lombok Island is a relatively large island that offers a multitude of options to choose from when it comes to transport. The travel options are as varied as can be imagined. You can have donkey-drawn carts to taxis to rental cars.


Lombok offers something for everyone, to meet their needs. Once you reach this heavenly tropical island, the first step will be to choose a mode of transport that suits your style and requirements. Following are some of the options available to choose from.

Drive Around Lombok

Starting from the International airport, the easiest mode is to take a public bus or bemos, which are minibuses. These can take you around Lombok and are best for medium distances. These are used commonly by the local population of the island. They also have fixed fares which are displayed. However, as the evening sets in, public transport slowly ceases and the options that remain are that of private transport. 


Taxis are a great way of moving around Lombok. These are relatively cheap and metered. There are many booking options available as well. Motorbike taxis called Ojek, are a great way to travel as well, especially for independent travellers.


If you have the choice,  the easiest option would be to either hire a car or a motorcycle Hiring a car or a motorbike is a safe option preferred by many travellers who do not like to be inhibited by time or place and are more comfortable using their own transport. The process for hiring is quite simple. The usual practice is to hire with the reference to the hotel you are staying in. For the most part of the Island, the roads are quiet and easy to drive in.


However, some areas can have traffic rush so having necessary driving skills is important along with some navigation abilities. For it is quite possible that traffic rules and regulations are not the same as in your country so you might need to be extra careful with that.


If you are skilled enough in riding a motorbike, it is safe and could be a great fun way to travel around the island. However, you should have an international driver’s license that permits riding motorcycles. There are petrol pumps available all over the island so refuelling would not be a problem.


If you want private transport but will rather not drive yourself, another alternative would be to hire a driver with local knowledge of the pathways and road conditions as well as local attractions. You will also be able to get off the main road, the beaten track and go for longer distances. It can provide a wholesome experience of the island.