Lombok - What to do and see?

Lombok is a beautiful magnificent island located just east of Bali, in West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. It forms part of the chain of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Where Bali has been a tourist attraction for a long time now, Lombok is referred to as unspoiled Bali, not yet completely in the clutches of tourism and offers spectacular vistas unharmed by the destructive overenthusiasm of the tourists.. Lombok is well known for its dreamy secluded beaches, beautiful waterfalls, the hulking looming volcano mountain named Rinjani and its crater lake with a heavenly view all contribute to the making of the enchanting tropical island of Lombok. There are a number of tourist attractions that invite a person to explore the breathtaking views of Lombok. The paradisiacal island of Lombok can prove heavenly for those who dare step foot on its soil and in its waters. The two islands of Bali and Lombok are separated by the Lombok Strait. This narrow body of water connects the Java Sea to the Indian ocean. The boundary is not merely geographical, it's also a distinct bio-geographical border between the fauna of Indo-Malaysia and Australasia. The distinction between the two biomes  is quite abrupt and hence is an object of fascination for tourists and nature lovers.

Tanjung A’an

Among many attractions of the island are its gorgeous beaches. One particularly riveting beach is Tanjung A’an, a beautiful area located near Kuta Beach. The distinctive quality of its sand is that it looks like pepper. More often than not fresh drinks like sarongs and kapala Muda, which is young coconut are available to enjoy at the beach.

Selong Balanak

Selong Balanak is a smooth white sand beach, with a breathtaking view of the sunset.  Apart from the amazing natural beauty, this beach is an ideal place for beginner surfers. Selong Belanak is the ultimate learner’s wave. The local surf instructors help the surfers enter the thrilling and enjoyable world of surfing in the most fun and safe way possible.

Mount Rinjani

Another popular tourist attraction is the beautiful volcano mountain- The Mount Rinjani. It is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia. A hiking tour to this beautiful mountain is an essential part of the visit. Adjacent to the volcano mountain Rinjani there is a caldera sized 6 by 8.5 km formed