Is it safe to travel to Lombok?

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Lombok Landscape and Geography


Big Volcanoes, white-sand beaches, a surprisingly soothing atmosphere & majestic blue waterfall are best for Surfing in Lombok for beginners. Lombok is one of Bali's often overlooked neighbors. The risk of earthquakes, volcanoes and petty crime is very real. The subject of earthquake and volcanoes for beginners or first time travelers to Lombok becomes a matter of question sometimes, seriously. Predominantly, Lombok is very safe. There is definitely an element of danger but generally speaking it’s completely safe.


Lombok is located east of Bali, known for its beaches and surfing spots. If you are planning a trip to Indonesia, then you should definitely consider visiting this beautiful Indonesian island. Lombok is home to one of three active volcanoes in Indonesia. Mount Rinjani is located north of Lombok and reaches an altitude of 3726 meters, making it the second largest volcano in Indonesia.


Although modern technology allows analysts to identify when explosions may occur, there is nothing that can be done to stop them. Volcanoes can devastate when they erode, such as in 1963 when Mount Agung exploded and killed about 2000 people. Earthquakes are accompanied by volcanoes. Earthquakes are another dangerous threat in Lombok. Combine these natural disasters with human hazards: e.g. Theft, drunken tourists and scammers, then you can see why security in Lombok can be a concern. However, taking into account the various hazards in Lombok, the likelihood of experiencing any of these events is extremely low - and that's why we still have no problem with saying that Lombok is very safe.




How safe is it to travel to Lombok?


Lombok is definitely safe to travel. Certainly, the biggest risk in Lombok is its natural disaster. A natural disaster can certainly disrupt the journey here, but so far nothing prevents tourists from visiting. Thousands of people still come to Lombok every day, and the island is prepared if an incident occurs.


Lombok Travel Insurance


Have fun in Lombok, but always make sure to get travel insurance! Even if you are only going for a short time, you should always take travel insurance. Take our word, travel insurance can save you thousands of pounds - so make sure before you leave. There are many insurance companies to choose from so be sure to shop around to find the best deal.


Top safety tips for traveling to Lombok


  1. Keep up to date with geological events. - Always check for recent geological activity before visiting Lombok. It is also easy to learn what to do if disaster strikes.

  2. Wear mosquito repellent - Avoid wearing insect repellent. Mosquitoes can cause dengue fever which can be potentially fatal.

  3. Take a digital copy of your important documents - Always take a digital copy of your passport and important documents so that you can use them even if you lose anything.

  4. Drink only bottled water - You cannot drink tap water in Lombok, so always remember to buy bottled water.

  5. Beware of monkeys - they are unpredictable, and sometimes aggressive. Some may also have rabies. See them from a distance, but they are not very close.

  6. Wear a helmet - Road accidents are very common in Lombok. If you are renting a scooter, be sure to always wear a helmet.


Lombok is back with business as usual. Despite the destructive earthquakes that strike north Lombok and the famous Gili Islands off the northwest coast in July & August, almost 90 percent of the island's tourism operations have been restored, and now again for business.


Why go to Lombok?


Lombok attracts travelers who want to cope with the traditional, rural way of life. Tower mountains, powerful waterfalls, spectacular coral reefs, a colorful Sasak culture, ethnic markets, and Shanti Lombok have many attractions. Ancient white-sand beaches and coconut flakes fill the pearly-narrow shores, and the seaside Surfing in Lombok for beginners has a spectacular ecosystem with the world's largest marine biodiversity.


Recovery is a priority and the local population is doing all this so that things can happen as quickly as possible, but the biggest boost to help the recovering economy will be through tourism. Lombok a regional hub and is sure to bring it in with the confidence of more tourists and investors. Lombok is place with its natural beauty that also comes wrapped with natural disasters along, but nature is nature in its own way. Lombok is all set, the people are amazing and to speed up economic revival, the islanders deserve the support of the tourism industry.