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 One of the exciting features of dirtbikes in Lombok are, they are good to explore the most beautiful roads on Lombok. Lonely beaches, and feel the excitement of the countryside. In Lombok, you can ride along Kuta with its magnificent beaches and the spirit of Bob Marley, explore the traditional Sasak village, and see the wild as well as the romantic south coast from the peat tracks. You can also see and experience the locals of Lombok while riding your bike and conquering the forest here.

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Borrow your dirtbike at fair conditions. Your dirtbike will be handed over to you in a fully functional condition and we will be at your side should you have any problems or difficulties during the rental.

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you get our dirtbikes for a unique price. We guarantee the best price. If you find a cheaper dirtbike then we will accommodate you with a discount.

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Scooter Rental Lombok
Honda Click

95.000 Rp for 24h

Scooter Rental Lombok
Honda Scoopy

80.000 Rp for 24h

Scooter Rental Lombok
Honda CRF

200.000 Rp for 24h

Motorbike Rental in Lombok


Dirt bikes are very much light in weight and are known as off-road motorbikes, made with a rugged frame, special built tires and tense suspension to navigate hilly, rough terrain in all types of weather. Dirt bikes are used in racing events held in North America, Europe. Falling from a dirt bike is one thing that is very common especially if you are riding on an official track, and it shows that official racing that usually involves jumping is much more dangerous than trail riding. There are several ways for classifying the types of motorbikes that shows how motorbikes are used,. There are mainly six categories of widely recognized motorcycles: cruiser, sport, touring, standard, dual purpose, and dirt bike. Sport touring motorcycles are sometimes recognized as the seventh category. Often vertical lines are drawn between the motorbikes and their younger cousin, the scooter, but other classification schemes include this type of motorcycle. There is no general system for classifying all types of bikes. There are legal definitions of motorcycles established by strict classification systems, or by legal courts for motorcycle registration, emissions, road traffic safety regulations, or motorcycle licensing, which are implemented by competitive motorcycle sports acceptance bodies. There are also casual nicknames used by bike makers, riders, and motorcycle media. Some experts do not make out sub-types, such as naked bikes, that are outside of six general classes, as they fit into one of the main types and are identified only by cosmetic changes.


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Lombok Motorbike Rental


There are a variety of off-road motorcycles, also known as dirt bikes, specifically designed for off-road events. The term off-road refers to driving surfaces that are not traditionally paved. These are rough surfaces, often made naturally, such as sand, gravel, a river, mud or ice. These types of areas can sometimes travel only with vehicles designed for off-road driving (such as SUVs, ATVs, snowmobiles and mountain bikes) or vehicles with off-road equipment. As compared to off-road running motorbikes, off-road machines are lighter and more flexible, with longer suspension travel, higher ground clearance, and higher gears to provide more torque in off-road conditions.



Motocross - Such bikes are run on small, closed off-road tracks with various obstacles. The motorcycle has a small fuel tank for lightness and compactness. The long-travel suspension allows riders to jump at high speeds.



Track Racing - High-speed oval racing, usually with neither brakes, nor rear suspension. The engines, fueled by methanol, are long-stroke four-stroke singles such as ZAP and JAW. They have a maximum of two gears. Some variants, such as speedways, and grass-track bikes, are designed to turn left only.



Snow Bike - A snow bike takes a typical dirt bike and replaces the rear wheel with a front wheel similar to a snowmobile and with a larger ski. They are much smaller and more agile than a snowmobile, and they have a tight turning radius that lets the rider go where many snowmobiles cannot. The dirtbike rental in Lombok in particular should be easily mastered on asphalt roads. Adventure motorbikes are with touring capability on cemented and unpaved roads. As a double sport, they have important asphalt road biases and perform well on pavement at high speeds, not like most other bikes. Their size, weight and sometimes their tires, however, limit their off-road capability. Most adventure is experienced on motorcycles that work well and is a graded dirt bike for gravel roads, but are less than ideal on more difficult off-pavement terrain. Even though any motorbike can be prepared to be used for touring, touring motorbikes are purposely designed to travel long distances. Usually these motorcycles do have large-displacement engines, and screens that provide good weather and wind protection, large-capacity fuel tanks for long distances and along with comfortable seating positions. These bikes are becoming more and more popular motorbikes Therefore, it is advised to visit Lambok once to explore the beauty of this beautiful and rich nature.