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Welcome to our website! You have come to the right place if you are looking for a rental car service in Lombok. In addition to our motorcycle rental, we also offer a fast and uncomplicated rental car service. Chosen and responsible drivers will get you to the most popular and unique places on the beautiful island. We add  great importance to the safety and comfort of our guests. That is why we only work with a few selected drivers.

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- Island exploration


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Impressions | Lombok Car Hire Service

The decision for a rental car or chauffeur service is often the right one. Especially if you are traveling as a group or with your family. Not everyone wants to ride a motorcycle or is familiar with the streets of Lombok. The untouched nature is also reflected in the quality of the streets. So you should opt for a rental car service on Lombok if you are traveling in a larger group, or you dont want to organize a taxi every time you want to get from Location A to  Location B.

Hiring a Car or lets say, renting a car in lombok is easy if you know where to look. We know that there is a big  batch from which you can choose. There are a lot of local renting stations from which you can choose. We for example are located in Kute ( Kuta ), Nusa Tenggara Barat. Near the beautiful bungalow village community. We have choosen Lombok for our car rental service, for many reasons. Not only the amazing nature mezmerized us. Also the people and the their big hearts brought us here.


Lombok is overall a very spiritual and peaceful place. And always worth a visit. Either you want to go surfing , diving or just relax at the Beach Side. The possibilities are endless. Since we came here, we have become friends with so many returning customers. We really want you to have a wonderful time here and enable you to explore the island to the fullest extent. This is our only and biggest purpose. Fall in love with this place like we did and remember your trip for a lifetime.