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Lombok is a peaceful and charming isle that gets more captivating as you discover it. Bicycling is among the finest ways to experience the city. One of the first major steps towards having a great cycling tour is to rent a bicycle in Lombok. A bicycle tour is not only enjoyable but also eco-friendly. You get to experience the local livelihoods and natural surroundings of the city. Biking gives you a feel of the region, including meeting the locals as they create baskets and discovering a native fishing village. Through cycling, you get to experience stunning views of iconic landscapes and the famous Lombok sunset. It is fascinating to ride through Lombok's downtown because the place is not only pretty easy to navigate but also small. Pedalling around the city is fun whether you have a preset route or not.

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Bicycle Rental Lombok


We are a bicycle rental agency that offers some of the finest bicycle rental services on Lombok. It is not only among the biggest but also the oldest bicycle rental shops on Lombok. At our store, we offer cyclists a generous opportunity to discover the island more authentically. We have been in the bicycle rental industry since 2015. Over the years, we have served bikers from across the globe with great effort and enthusiasm. In doing so, our agency has achieved customer satisfaction that makes us retain most of our clients. These statistics suggest that we are trustworthy and reliable. So if you are planning to rent a bicycle around Lombok, Big Bike will offer you the finest bicycle rental Lombok services. Whether you need a child bike, tandem, mountain bicycle, or city bike, we have you in mind. The great thing about touring Lombok using a bicycle is that you have independent exploration. A bike helps you to get closer to the locals and nature. Cycling is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Therefore, you help to make the city more pleasant and cleaner when you use a bicycle. Our bicycle rental services enable people who love cycling to discover areas that can only be accessed using a bike.


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Over time, we have mastered the industry to a level of offering trustworthy and reliable rental services. We have well-maintained bicycles that will offer you’re a memorable tour around Lombok. This means that our bikes are in good condition that guarantees a perfect tour. If you experience problems with your bike, our skilled mechanic will sort out all issues at no extra costs. Coupled with our high-end rental services are reasonable prices. If we have the best possible services and yet rate them very high, we may not make any significant impact. Thus we believe in offering superior services at reasonable prices. Except for city bikes, we offer free delivery services. Our exceptional bike rental services have been recognized globally. As a result, we have been ranked as the best bicycle rental service in Tripadvisor. If you want to rent a bicycle in Lombok, reach us, and we shall help you with a well-maintained bike at an affordable price.