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Renting a motorbike is very popular in Lombok. This is because motorcycling is fun and the finest way to explore the city. With our Lombok motorbike rental services, you can get personal with and close to iconic landscapes. It is not possible to cruise in lombok and surrounding areas with roads being bordered by the jungle. But if you rent your favourite motorcycle, you will easily explore places that can’t be accessed using a vehicle. One way to have an unforgettable tour is to take picturesque routes. In doing so, you will not only have breathtaking views but will also be able to stop wherever you want.  Motor biking around Lombok helps you to explore many places quickly because you can use small lanes and evade traffic congestion. Motorcycle tours are the most fun and easiest way to move around the city as well as the surrounding countryside. If you prefer a sole ride, you can go ahead and rent a motorbike in Lombok. You will have fun riding yourself to any stunning and famous place. One of the striking places you can ride to using a scooter or motorcycle is Bokor Mountain. It is a highlight of many individuals visiting Lombok. You can rent a motorbike from us so that you join the usual tour of the mountain.

Scooter Rental Lombok
Honda Click

95.000 Rp for 24h

Scooter Rental Lombok
Honda Scoopy

80.000 Rp for 24h

Scooter Rental Lombok
Honda CRF

200.000 Rp for 24h


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Motorbike Rental in Lombok
Lombok Motorbike Rental

 Whether you fancy renting a motorbike for a day or up to a week, Lombok offers places that will make your trip memorable. Lombok is surprisingly motorcycle-friendly with many cycling routes. Countryside tour is among the adventures that everyone visiting or staying in Lombok should experience. During this tour, you get to explore caves, pepper farms, salt fields, and more. It is recommendable to have some past experience riding a scooter or motorcycle if plan to rent one. Nonetheless, Lomboks roads are designed in a way that makes riding a motorbike easy. If you are riding with a friend, we’ve got you covered. Our motorcycles allow you to carry a passenger so that you can explore the city together.


rent a motorbike in lombok

We offer the finest motorbike rental services in Lombok. To cater for a wide variety of tastes, we stock different kinds of motorcycles and scooters. This means we can help you with your favourite two-wheeler.


 Whether you are staying in this charming city for a day, week or months, we have motorbike rental plans to suit your needs. In particular, you can hire a bike for hours or up to a week. If you need a longer period, you need not worry because we have monthly plans.


 Whether you are travelling alone or as a team, we have enough bikes for hire in Lombok. We have a record of offering convenient rental services here at Lombok. We know once you get to our offices, you just need to have a bike and get going. Therefore, we have made renting a motorcycle quick and easy. Definitely, this is the first step towards having a thrilling cycling tour.


 Our objective is to provide friendly services to all our customers. Besides, we aim at fulfilling the needs of cost-effective and convenient mode of transport. We know that you need to pay for other things during your tour in order to make your rides enjoyable and satisfying. Thus, we have budget-friendly motorbike rental rates. This will enable you to have one of a kind ride in Lombok without having to invest a fortune.


 By having affordable, cost-effective motorcycles for hire and flexible rental plans, we cater for all tastes. This way, we enable everyone, irrespective of their budget, to get a chance to experience breathtaking sceneries around Lombok. Besides, we help you to get closer to the locals and discover their culture.


FAQ - lombok motorbike rental

 Why Choose Our Motorbike Rental?


If you are looking for the finest Lombok motorbike rental, look no further. We offer superb services and a range of good-condition motorcycles.


We maintain good-condition motorcycles


When it comes to perfect-condition motorbikes, we know that good mirrors, tires, horn, and brakes are essential. We ensure that every component is functioning well and that all accessories for every bike are in place. We road-test our motorcycles regularly to make sure they are in perfect condition. Whenever a problem is detected, it is rectified quickly so that every bike is ready for use.


We have skilled staff


To realize this, we have skilled personnel who thoroughly check the condition of every bike before we buy it. In doing so, we are guaranteed that all our motorcycles are in perfect condition right from the time they land in our premises. Following this, regular maintenance is ensured on every bike to maintain them in good condition.


We prioritize safety


Safety is a priority for every rider. This is the reason we prioritize the safety of every person. So we maintain our motorbikes in good-condition to guarantee your security while cycling. This means that our bikes are regulary inspected to make sure that no trouble is experienced during riding.


We have a range of motorcycle models


Over the years, we have served riders from different parts of the world. This has come along with acquiring different kinds of motorcycle models to meet tastes. Not many Lombok motorbike rental providers will have any model you may want. So be certain that we have your favourite mode that will give you a fantastic tour around Lombok.


Our bikes have essential accessories


Our bikes have useful accessories that make riding relaxing and safe. One of these essential accessories is the face helmet. A helmet helps to improve your vision by preventing wind and dirt from getting into your eyes. Besides, it safeguards your face and entire head from injuries that may arise in case of any unforeseen danger when riding.


You can book in advance


Advanced booking is a great way to save time and avoid unexpected delays. In these lines, we offer advance motorcycle booking service that allows you to book a bike before arriving at your office. This means you can contact us to make your booking. Advance motorbike booking allows you to concentrate on other matters regarding your tour. All this culminates in a fantastic trip around Kampot and other surrounding areas you plan to visit.


Wrap Up


When hiring a motorcycle from us, clients usually sign a hiring contract. It is vital for every rider to go through the contract and understand it fully. This contract protects both parties. In that case, we help you to have a memorable trip and in the end, you return our motorcycle in good condition. We are a budget-friendly and reliable Lombok motorbike rental that you can trust. So whenever you want to rent a motorbike Lombok, visit us and we shall be pleased to make your dream motorbike ride come true.